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Every relation is like a cardiogram. It always has up & down graph. It can’t be straight. So accept it’s up & down & believe in forgiving & forget.


The Company is strongly committed to directing and operating its business by adhering to the Bombay Stock Exchange’s Good Corporate Governance (CG) practice guideline for listed companies. With this in mind, the company’s Board of Directors and the management has implemented, reviewing and improving good corporate governance practice to ensure that the Company has an efficient and transparent management system. The Company also strongly respects shareholders’ right and equal treatment towards shareholders; provides accurate, sufficient and timely disclosure of significant information for the best benefits of shareholders; clearly defines qualifications of independent directors; appoints various committees; stipulates roles and responsibilities of its directors and top level management; and continuously encourages directors and executives’ skill development. Such measures have been carried out to create and strengthen confidence among the Company’s shareholders, investors, stakeholders and all concerned parties that INTERWORLD’s business operations fully complies with good corporate governance practice and business ethics. The Company shall be perceived as a quality listed company with high responsibility and transparency in all parts of its operation.

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